Purpose Economy Changing Business With Women Leaders – Purpose Economy Women Entrepreneurs – Marie Claire

The fact that they are going to go back to their villages and not continue their education and not be able to go on to become what they dream about becoming is totally messed up.” To end this cycle, Bohannon first started a chicken farm hoping to employ the women. It failed. Next, she decided to make sandals because her friend from home suggested it. One of the women Sseko employs and her daughter who attends school After making several pairs of sandals, Bohannon went to a school and recruited three women. In the summer of 2008, those three women made 900 pairs of sandals , which Bohannon took back to the states with her in four suitcases and sold them all out of the trunk of her car. The three women — Mary, Mercy, and Rebecca — made it to college the following August. Woman making sandals Bohannon returned to Uganda and kept doing what she was doing and in 2009, her sandals were included in Martha Stewart’s Holiday Gift Giving Guide, and Sseko Designs officially launched. Bohannon has all the faith that these ambitious young women will go on to become leaders in Uganda. Gwendolyn Floyd is another example of a mission-inspired entrepreneur. While traveling around the world a few years back, Floyd was working as a consultant exploring what technology could do for social change. In India, China, North Africa, Cuba, and the Middle East, she witnessed women who were making incredible goods, but were unable to get paid for their work because of issues in the supply chain. “Even in the middle class in these countries, credit cards, Paypal is very expensive for transfers,” says Floyd. But she realized that with mobile phones, these women artisan could receive their profit in the form of mobile money, which they could then withdraw at any of the kiosks quickly expanding in the slums in Africa.
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